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When Will Realtors Start Using Google Earth?

I’m a big fan of Google Earth software. The program allows anyone to add information into the program to show any kind of data and display it within a geographic representation. In the case of Realtors, I think that it would be wonderful to have all of the homes on the Multiple Listing System (MLS)imported into Google Earth. Currently, when I look at homes on the MLS, it only tells me the town and school district that the property is located. As a buyer not familliar with a local area,  this information isn’t meaningful to me. If the property address were loaded into Google Earth, I would be able to see an aerial view of the neighborhood, proximity to highways, parks, or any other geographic feature that would be of interest as a buyer. In addition, a Realtor has the ability to link the placemark in Google Earth to their website, providing more information for a prospective buyer if they wanted it. I know it’s just a matter of time before this concept catches on, however in my opinion, the Realtors or developers who are the “early birds” on this opportunity could have a real technological and marketing lead on the competition.


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