Wealth Management Services


RJK Wealth Management Services, LLC
I act as Personal Chief Financial Officer for a select number of successful business owners and entrepreneurs. Through collaboration with my clients and team of experts, I provide clients with balance and peace of mind by helping them make smart decisions with their wealth. We are the lifelong trusted partner our clients turn to for every major financial decision impacting their lives.
For more information on wealth management services, visit my corporate website:

Richard Krasney, CFP®
President, RJK Wealth Management, LLC
2001 Route 46
Suite 506
Parsippany, NJ 07054
Telephone 973-316-1000
Email rkrasney@rjkwealth.com
Registered Investment Advisor


Member- International Association of Advisors In Philanthropy
Member- Financial Planning Association
Member- NJ Financial Planning Association
Certified Financial Planner 
Chair NJ Financial Planning Association Government Relations Subcommittee


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  1. Hi,

    I am very satisfied with the content of the blog. I will be visiting it again and again. BTY, any updates on the DVD availability of “Millionaire Awaken Your Secret” ?



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