Why is Matt Harding Dancing?

By now, there is a descent chance you have seen “Dancing”, created by Matt Harding. It’s interesting that over 10 million views of the clip have been watched in the short time it has been available. Seemingly if impacts everyone who watches it a little differently. After all, it’s just a guy dancing around the world. I thought the video was symbolic of breaking free of boundaries of what’s possible and having people celebrate the joy of freedom. What did you think?




2 responses to “Why is Matt Harding Dancing?

  1. mysticmiss

    I was very touched by Matts clip, it moved me deeply. I wrote about about my feelings.


  2. I really like the inspiration of how dancing frees the soul, and this clip certainly breaks the fetters of boundary lines and perimeters…

    I would love someone to do Fred Astaire’s ceiling dance inside an igloo… or Teepeeeee, or the Taj Mahal dome!

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