A New York Minute

richphoto.jpgSomething surreal happened to me yesterday.

Yesterday I met one of my clients for lunch in NYC. Leaving Penn Station, we walked in an expanded pedestrian walkway that had been created on seventh ave. Since the sidewalk was on the actual roadway, I was a bit nervous, thinking of the occasional stories one hears about out of control cars in Manhattan hitting pedestrians. Sometimes I think my inside voice should be named “Nervous Nelly”.

During lunch, I talked about my awakening with Think and Grow Rich and living life purposefully. I told her that you could find out you have 6 months to live, or walk out the door and get hit by a bus. Why not live passionately today? After a lovely lunch, we began to walk back toward Penn Station, looking for a bookstore where she could get a copy of Think and Grow Rich. Shortly after leaving the restaurant, we witnessed a man get hit by a bus. People were visibly upset, as were we, having just discussed the possibility that that could have been us.

Live every day as if it were your last. Tomorrow you could get hit by a bus and never have lived a fulfilled life. Be grateful for what you have. Reflect. Life is short. Live large, because life can end in a New York Minute.


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