Account Aggrigation- Quicken, Yodlee, or other?

Technology canbe a wonderful thing. There are more and more ways of aggregating your consumer online billing accounts together, but which one?

I tried Yodlee through Yahoo Finance a while back. I found the program to be quite quirky and not robust enough for my needs. I recall that many of the businesses that I was a customer of were not on their list.

For my personal use, I use Quicken. I think it has more functions and is more widely utilized by financial institutions. As a customer, I like the ability to download their “QFX” file and have it open directly into the Quicken software. In addition, Quicken integrates directly with Turbo Tax making end of year tax preparation easier. While Quicken in my view is far ahead of Yodlee’s capabilities, it takes a significant amount of time to master the capabilities of the program. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, I understand all of the financial concepts in Quicken, but I feel like I need a “Certificate in Quicken Planning” in order to use the thing.


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